Elena Spanos is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides mental health counseling.  Her office is designed to
accommodate individuals of various ages.  In her personal office, she has a sitting area for adults, children and
teenagers, but she also has a therapeutic play area in her office as well which is specifically designed to suit the
needs of the younger children that she works with. When you arrive for your
first appointment you will complete required paperwork and will be provided answers to questions and/or assistance
with the paperwork. It is helpful to arrive approximately 15 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork and
to review the paperwork with her.

Following completion of the above mentioned paperwork, you will participate in completing a strength based
Psychosocial Assessment. This assessment will include but is not limited to the following information: identifying
information, family history which includes a chronological history of your family and personal history which includes
major events from prenatal to present, current barriers (problem list), support systems, an assessment of
interpersonal relations, a mental status exam which includes such information as: observation of appearance,
speech, level of insight, affect, mood, cognition, reality contact and memory. After completion of this paperwork you
will then develop a treatment plan with her which will briefly describe the issue(s) that you are having and with this
information you will develop both long term and short term objectives (goals) which will be measurable and reviewed
frequently (one or more will be reviewed each session). By accomplishing the short term objectives you will be
working toward reaching your long term goal(s) and once this has occurred your treatment will end.

Elena Spanos utilizes various therapy models; however, she frequently uses Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. Some therapeutic techniques that may be
used may include (but not
limited to): therapeutic books, therapeutic games, structured and unstructured play exercises, role play exercises,
therapeutic worksheets, parent coaching, coping skills, relaxation strategies, behavior charts and contracts, guided
imagery, therapeutic letters, safety contracts (when necessary), safe place exercises, Eye Movement Desensitization
Reprocessing (EMDR), and therapeutic homework.

There are many areas that she has specialized training in. She has attended many hours of play therapy training
through the Association of Play Therapy, including completion of a Play Therapy course at the University of South
Florida (This therapeutic modality is helpful in working with young children).  She has also earned a certificate in
Parenting Coordination from the University of South Florida, and is trained in EMDR through EMDRIA which included
receiving a level two training certificate (This training enables her to help individuals who have experienced a
traumatic event and/or have symptoms which are mental health related and have not have been able to overcome).
Lastly, she has a certificate in Adoption Competency for Professionals Working with Children in Foster Care.

Elena Spanos is also a member of the National Association of Social Workers. She graduated from Hillsborough
Community College in 1993 with an Associate in Science in Human Services Technology. She then continued her
education at the University of
South Florida and earned a Bachelor of Social Work degree in Social Work. She finished her college education at
Michigan State University and obtained a Master of Social Work Degree, specializing in Clinical Social Work and
became a licensed therapist in 2000.  Her past work experience includes working as a therapist in schools, homes
outpatient therapy settings for several years. She has been a clinical supervisor for students from the University of
South Florida and Florida State University. Currently, she supervises registered interns who are preparing to
become licensed therapists as well.

For further information please contact Elena Spanos at (813) 967-1376 or elenaspanoscounseling@gmail.com.